Holiday season is upon us and the true spirit of the season is in spreading the joy to the people around us. We thought some of our users may want to spread the holiday spirit on their WordPress sites, so we found a few plugins and themes that can give your WordPress site the cheerful holiday look.

Christmas Ball on Branch

A very simple plugin that displays a Christmas ball on a branch in your site. There are no settings for the plugin. Simply install and activate it. The branch and the ball are displayed on the top-right corner of the screen. Particularly useful if you don’t want your on-site holiday decorations to take over the content.


Holiday Message

Holiday Message allows you to add a holiday themed graphic with a custom message in a popup window.

You can choose where to display the pop-up, there are a number of positions available to choose from. The plugin also comes with Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday themed graphics to choose from.

You can add your own message and greeting, add a count down timer, and even add snowfall effect. It uses cookies to display the popup only once, so your users will not be annoyed by it.


Holiday Snow

If you want to add the falling snow effect to your website, then you can install slimjetpack plugin. Slimjetpack is a stripped down version of the jetpack plugin. However, unlike Jetpack, You don’t need to sign up for a account to use this plugin.

Simply install and activate the plugin and then go to Settings » General. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and check the box next to Snow, to let it snow.


Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas Everyone is a Christmas plugin with Santa Claus in it. If you were looking for something fun with Santa in it, then this is the plugin. There are two animated graphics of Santa Claus which will scroll on your pages. It also has a colorful snowfall feature and you can even add Christmas songs in the background.


WordPress Themes for Holidays

We usually do not favor changing a site’s design completely. But there are a couple of themes that we would like to mention here. In case you have a holiday themed website or blog, then you should take a look at these themes.


Spirit is a beautiful holiday theme for a WordPress blog. Designed and illustrated by Caroline Moore, this beautiful theme has a Christmas tree in the background. There is snow and snow slakes falling as you scroll down the page.



Cheer is a Christmas theme for WordPress blogs. As the name suggests it has a very cheerful look and feel to it with an elf sitting at the top. It comes in two color schemes and supports all the standard WordPress theme features.


There are other ways to share the holidays spirit with your WordPress site. For example, if your theme has custom headers support, then you can add a header image with the seasonal theme or display a customized greeting with the sticky floating footer bar.

If you are using OptinMonster to display a lightbox Optin form, then you can add a holiday themed image or special offer to your optin.

We hope this article helped you do something joyful on your WordPress site during the holidays season. Let us know, what you are doing on your site by leaving a comment below.

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