The Imagine 2016 conference is looming towards us and I have a feeling you’re blinking slowly at an empty suitcase. And by blinking slowly, I mean meditating through your options—obviously. Don’t fret, as the CEO of menswear brand LEWK, I wanted to share how I’m tackling the same conference packing dilemma before I board my own flight on my #RoadtoImagine.

In Your Bag (a 22-inch carry on will do):

  • 2 Trousers (cotton twill or denim)
  • 3 Woven shirts
  • 1 Knit
  • Tennis/Cross over shoe
  • Leather/suede shoe
  • Socks/Underwear
  • Pocket-Square
  • Blazer/Sport Coat

While You Jet-Set

Blazer/Sport Coat: I like the traditional means of travel (and not looking like you rolled out of bed to find seat 23F). Wear your sport coat on the plane, jackets are great for pocket-gadgets and looking sharp.

Jeans: Find your best and most comfortable denim.

Knit shirt: Something solid and sartorial, simple and refined with no logos. If it gets warm in the plane, fold your sport coat and lay on top of your luggage in the overhead.

Cashmere sweater: Keep this in your Man Bag. Planes can get chilly and this will be great when the sun sinks behind the strip during an evening out on the town.

Suede chukka or desert boot: These are inexpensive shoes and a great alternative to a casual sneaker. Also, pretty easy to slip on/off in security.

At the Conference

Day 1 – Impress. Try pairing denim with the blazer you wore on the plane (layering with a woven shirt). Throw in that pocket-square to create extra personal flair.

Day 2 – Go a little more casual. Replace the blazer with a fine gauge sweater and the denim with your cotton twill trousers.

Day 3 – Repeat. Wear the trousers or denim you wore on the plane and a clean woven shirt. Layer with your blazer once again.

Hot Tips

  • Every item in your bag should have multiple uses.
  • Hang up your trousers and blazer every night, it saves you from next-day wrinkle problems.
  • Come to LEWK no matter your style (we’re here to build your closet). All Imagine attendees receive their first month of LEWK FREE with a three month commitment by using the promo code Imagine2016.

Happy travels and enjoy Imagine 2016!

And be sure to join us to talk about Startup Success on Monday, April 11, at 1:30 p.m., in Mouton 1.

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